February 28, 2014


Well we find our leaders at the end of the Pentathlon where success was reached as a brand new build of Destiny has been completed. So close we are to our first infantry steps into a brand new foreign world. As our excitement causes a static to fret about the air Bungie begins to crack down and get serious as they enter the final stretch of the marathon has been the creation of Destiny.

The Pentathlon

Alliances are gained and lost, friends are a thing of the past, and war faces are donned as Bungie breaks apart into four separate factions. A 100 foot monitor split into six separate pieces laid forth the battlefield. The Raid is finally put into play as designers and testers get to see the power of their work first hand.

As some focus on the Raid others focus on a Speed Run or a race of sorts. Our upgrades made to our personal vehicles could affect how we fall or prevail in these races. But we do see that these races pit fireteams against each other. Another curious note that shouldn’t be missed is that there is “The crack of sniper shots…” which could mean that while you race the other team can take shots at you to hinder your performance. This is just a speculation of course though.

Now on to the Community Questions

Jez Can we customize ghosts or will everyone have the same looking ghost?

Deej answers this with “Very interesting question!” which seeing as he answered the question in the first place it makes me wonder if he just answered Jez’s question with a yes. I’m thinking with the customization of weapons, vehicles, clothing and armor that we will definitely be able to customize our Ghost. To make it our own.

Celticsgreen17 Will you allow gamers to stream the beta on twitch from their PS4/Xbox One this summer?

Deej answers this with in summary with yes and that they want those of us to go out and share our experiences with the community. He goes on to say that they will amplify those that are brave. To share with everyone. Deej then shares with us http://www.twitch.tv/bungie . You will definitely be seeing me streaming on twitch.tv on the Xbox One!

Thatspacewizard Will service years on Bungie.net be reflected in-game in anyway?

Deej, “Yes.” So expect to see extra perks most likely in the form of some sort of emblem or camo for your years of service among the Bungie community.

Sect79 Will the final build on next gen product look as clean and smooth as what we’ve been shown?

Deej,”What you have seen is not even our final form.” This is exciting news because I personally think what we’ve been shown has demonstrated some amazing graphics and gameplay.

COTU When do you guys gear up for [The Game Developers Conference]? Can we expect something big this year?

Deej basically says that they will be sending six Bungie members to the conference to talk about what is used to create things like your face, your armor, your career search, and their development processes. Something to note though that I haven’t caught before now is your career search. This hints that we might see jobs within Destiny similar to other MMOs. These jobs will most likely gain us pay and perks.

Cobra Commander Are we there yet?

Deej,”We are not there yet.” He goes on to say that he doesn’t want to spoil our fun with giving us the facts outright and instead letting us search and be enlightened in the search as we delve deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole that is Destiny. Urk and Deej are going off to enlist more allies in the ever growing army of the Bungie Community. And when they return I will be here to share with you their adventure.


See you star side


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