The influences in designing the look and abilities for the Warlock came heavily from Jedi Knights of Star Wars. This class will have mid-range attack and probably low-defense. These Guardians studied the Traveler for many generations learning its secrets and harnessing a portion of its knowledge of Space Magic. Wielding the power of the sun these mages are someone you definitely want on your side in a fight.


There will most likely be a focus in mid to close range assault rifles and a heavy focus in magic abilities. Currently there are five known abilities. These include:

Solar Flare – The power of the sun is focused into a ball which is then fired at enemies.

Nova Bomb – A surrounding area attack in which energy is built up and released in all directions.

Glide – Similar to the double-jump of the Titan, space magic is used to sustain your jump.

Radiance – A multi-target attack in which energy is flung at many different targets simultaneously.

And finally an unnamed ability to generate a shield of energy around the Warlock.

The power of the Traveler a mere spell away makes this Guardian a major powerhouse!



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