The Titan is cited as being comparable to Master Chief. It will be a high defense tank class used for up-close combat. These warriors built the original wall that holds the Last City in its protective grasp. Forged in the constant battle against outside forces these Guardians aren’t new to a good fight.


Expect to have a focus in Assault Rifles and heavier close-range weapons like the shotgun. Currently they have four known abilities. These include:

Fists of Havoc – One of the powers of the Titans is an electric area-of-effect ground punch.

Another ability witnessed during game play is a grenade. Whether they will have multiple types of grenades is unknown as of yet.

Two more abilities witnessed during game play are a double-jump and a shield. This double-jump is used while the Titan is in mid-air, increasing their jump height and distance with a quick burst of thrust. While the shield is used much like the shielding ability in Halo multiplayer.

This class will be for those who love to get in the fray and stand toe to toe with the Cabal!



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