This Guardian took its influences from those bad-good guys like Clint Eastwood and Han Solo. A lightly armored rogue class utilizing its speed and strength to overtake opponents. Once outlaws who honed their skills in the wilds beyond the wall they have become adept in the art of stealth-killing, but are now using their abilities to help the Last City.


With a focus in Long Range weapons and Pistol wielding in the fray they are deadly in a fight. Currently there are four known abilities. These include:

Ghost Gun – The Hunter’s weapon is charged with energy which is then used to amplify their shot

There is also a “mine” ability in which several floating red explosives surround the Hunter and target enemies.

A transportation ability in the form of a quick-dash has been seen in which the Hunter charges forward and disappears only to reappear a distance ahead.

And finally an ability in which the Hunter’s knife is charged to deliver a killing blow to an opponent similar to its Ghost Gun ability.

You can’t kill what you can’t see and these stealthy killers will certainly hold fear on the battlefield.



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