So as you might have guessed from above there are three different classes of Guardians. I’ll go through each class in a basic fashion here and then elaborate on each in later posts. If you have ever played any sort of RPG then you know the three basic classes: Warrior, Mage, and Rogue. Destiny is no different from this standard.

Titan: Warrior Class

With the Titan comes adept use in up close weaponry and the ability to take more damage. This will be your tank as you smash into enemies in a supremely aggressive and upfront manner. Expect to see Assault Rifles and Shotguns being a specialty for this class. (not confirmed)

Warlock: Mage Class

With most mage classes you see the ability to handle magic, in this case space magic, and no other means to defend yourself. Save a useless staff that doubles as a walking stick. But what is exciting about this class is that along with space magic expertise you will still be wielding a capable weapon in your other hand. Most likely to be Assault Rifle to Mid Range Rifles. (not confirmed)

Hunter: Rogue Class

Currently one of the most trending classes and for good reason. With the ability to take out opposition at range and still be able to be in the fray with pistols and knives this will definitely be an exciting class to play with. But like all rogue class with swift movement comes the lack of armor. Expect to see Sniper Rifles and Pistols. (not confirmed)

Along with each of these classes you’ll be able to designate which race you want to be as well! See more in the Race tab.


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