The Vex

The Vex

The Vex are a race of “Time Traveling” aliens that are mostly robotic with organic components within. Their stronghold is located on Venus and much mystery shrouds them. There are five different types of Vex that we currently know of, but there is not much information on them as of yet.

Vex Goblin

Vex Goblin

These units overwhelm their enemies in sheer numbers while wielding build in energy weapons.

Vex Hobgoblin

These units are larger than the Goblin and can also be distinguished by a tail. No photos are available at this time.

Vex Harpy

Harpy units are small, quick, and can fly. They are known to fire energy from their mouths. No photos are available at this time.

Vex Minotaur

Vex Minotaur

Larger still than the Hobgoblin these units lack the distinctive fan-shape head for a more streamlined one. They appear to have more built in fire-power than the previous units.

Vex Hydra

Vex Hydra

The Hydra viewed here coming towards our Guardians in the rear of the photo is a large flying mechanical creature with turrets located along its body and appendages. This is the largest known Vex unit.


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