The Fallen

The Fallen

The Fallen are a two to four arm spider like enemy in our solar system. They are a nomadic race moving about and have been seen scavenging and taking refuge in abandoned facilities. We don’t yet know what drives their hate toward humans but we do know they have an alliance of sorts with the Vex. There are three distinct types of Fallen. Fallen Captain

Fallen Captain

As seen above, the Fallen Captain is a heavily armored four armed enemy that has been seen wielding two swords with a pulsing blue energy running across their edge. Alien assault rifles have also been present in their arsenal. These Captains are the leaders of their military and have a sense of nobility about them as they strode on to the battle field with their weathered cape in tow.

Fallen Vandal

Fallen Vandal

The Fallen Vandal is lower ranking than the Captain but still have rank on the Dreg. These Vandal wield sniper-like weapons among others but these weapons take time to charge which is when your Guardian will need to make its move.

Fallen Dreg

Fallen Dreg

The Dreg is the grunt of the Fallen military. A noticeable difference from its counterparts is that it only has two arms. Whether the arms have been removed or they are a different breed than the others is unknown but they fight with anger and frustration. Expect to see many of these as they will make up the bulk of Fallen enemies. Seen wielding a pistol and shock dagger they will be close-range combatants.

Spider Tank

The Spider Tank has been seen in the Public Event video and in several art depictions. This tank wields a barrel on its back that has a laser target on it visible just before it fires. Along with this it packs a four pack of missiles and a gatling gun located on its head. It becomes stunned when it sustains a certain amount of damage, during which time vulnerable areas around the neck and legs becomes revealed. This beast will be difficult to take down alone, but in a strategic fire-team or public event you will be able to sweep through them.


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