Destiny Wallpaper

What is Destiny?

A question I get often as I’m always talking about this “Destiny Game”. Well if you’ve found this page then more than likely you know what this “Destiny Game” is, but if not then sit back and enjoy.

After 10 amazing years with Halo, Bungie has moved on to a bigger project. Jason Jones, the mind behind Halo, has been working on this new project since sometime in Halo 3 ODST. In a nutshell explanation here is Destiny:

Set in a post-apocalyptic Earth, we find ourselves in the Last City pushed here away from the rest of the planet by forces unknown. Protected by a literal giant sphere that has become known as the Traveler. Your role is that of a Guardian, protector of the Last City. It has finally come to a point when we, the human race, have now begun to explore and expand back to the rest of the planet and beyond. This is where you pick up at. Choose between not only three different roles, Titan Warlock or Hunter, but also between three different races, Human Exo and Awoken. Customize your Guardian with loot and prizes won from across the solar system as you defend Earth and defeat foreign forces far and wide.

This is but a short summary. To learn more read on and stay tuned.



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